#DoNotIgnore #RedFlags is a campaign designed to raise awareness about the Narcissistic Personality Disorder and their behavior towards others (emotional abuse).
NPD is usually diagnosed when narcissism extends beyond a personality trait and persistently affects many areas of your life.

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Type: academic work.
Designed elements: Campaign Strategy. Character Design. Photo Collage. Web Design. Posters in Motion. Publication. Illustrations. Stickers Sheets. Button badge.

Fall  2021

Café Ciudad

Updating and building upon an emblematic restaurant in La Paz city, after 30 years of service of this known and loved meeting point. Making visual elements as part of its nostalgic essence and also bringing a young spirit with the renovation.

Type:  freelance work.
Designed elements: Brand Refresh.
Brand Guidelines. Business Card. Magnet. Mural & Skylines. Stickers & Labels. Illustrations. Animation.

Summer 2020

Andean Patterns

It is conventional to call Andean only the people who were once part of Tawantinsuyu, the Inca Empire in the Central Andes, or those influenced by it. Even so, the Andean region is very wide. Most of the populations of Bolivia and Peru are Andean in a central, nuclear way, but also it encompasses the people of Ecuador.

This self-initiated project in an appreciation for the Andean Culture. An styled version of the textile patterns with a more vibrant color palette, capturing the characteristic of the fabric Aguayo.

Type: personal work.
Designed elements: Modular Patterns. Figma Prototype. Coded Motion. Aguayo Textile. Poster. Clay Character. Illustrations. Photo Collage.

Summer 2021 – Ongoing

Immersive Experience

Embrace what made you, you is a reflective visual experience that seeks to encourage an introspection vision of yourself, be nostalgic, come back to memories, to childhood, to every milestone. See your experiences as windows, sometimes they are opened, sometimes they are closed, other times they even break into pieces. Pieces of hope. Pieces of memories. Pieces of dreams.

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Type: academic work.
Designed elements: Concept Ideation. Illustrations. Analog & digital Image Making. Video Editing. Installation. Open Source Code TextAnimation.

Fall 2021

Hybrid Campaign

This Andean Feminist Campaign aims to carve out a space for Andean women’s voices. The goal was to create sharable Andean feminist content on Instagram that makes the Andean female community feel part of it, and encouraging them to participate in Instagram stories with a determined prompt.

The Identity System of the campaign as well as the names of the characters (the agents) were based on the Andean Cross Cosmology, also known as Chakana.

Type: academic work.
Designed elements: Identity System. Logomark Guidelines. Characters Design. Font development. Merchandising. Illustrations. Social Media Posts.

Fall 2020